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Dealing With Airline Luggage Rules

There are undoubtedly more changes coming to airline luggage rules, both because of there financial conditions that require ever more fees, and because of security concerns. In fact, as I write this I am leaving in two days to fly overseas, and they just instituted a rule allowing only one carry-on piece per passenger, I will have to see if the laptop fits in the knapsack.

For those of us who like to travel light it has always been easier. Take only a carry-on bag and you don;t have to deal with checking luggage or waiting for it at the other end. Granted, we get strange looks and a few extra questions when we return from weeks overseas with only a day pack, but it does make things much easier.

The problem we'll be facing eventually, I suspect, is the banning of all carry-on luggage. On the other hand, there may be ways to get around even this when it happens. To begin with, it seems very unlikely that they will ever prevent women from taking their purses on planes. Naturally, then, they will not be able to discriminate against men who do the same. Plan to buy a big purse when the changes come.

In addition to that solution, we have pockets. As it is I often have snacks and other items in the pockets of my jacket when I travel by air. It isn't clear at what point they would make you check your jacket (just complain about the lack of proper heating on the plane and let them know your doctor said to stay warm), but I suspect four or five pockets stuffed full will still pass through security.

Now, what if airline luggage rules do eventually bar you from using normal carry-on bags and you still want to travel without checking your bags? Use a combination of several strategies. For example, you might wear a lot of the clothing you want to take with you. Then you can carry many items in a big purse if those are still allowed. Use those pockets on your pants, shirts and jacket as well.

Somewhere in the midst of all those stashes, have a light duffel bag that collapses down small. It should fit into a pocket or purse. Mine weighs just six ounces. When you arrive at your destination you can pull all the odds and ends from their hiding places and load up the duffel for convenient carrying.

Finally, since airline luggage rules have already been changed to prevent you from packing some items like larger tubes of toothpaste or bottle of shampoo, you are probably going to have to shop when you arrive in another country. If so, you might want to consider bringing fewer items of clothing and skipping the suntan l;lotion and just buying these things too. In any case, you'll have a better idea of what you'll need once you get there, and can shop for things as you travel.

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