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Before we get to the tips for cheap solo travel, let’s take a quick look at why you might go alone. The obvious reason is simply that you can’t find and friends or family that have the time or money to take a trip. I have been on many trips alone simply because it was too difficult to work out a group trip. Of course, it can be a bit more dangerous and perhaps lonely going by yourself, but there are advantages too.

You have no stress over where to go or what to do when you are the only one making the decision. You can wake up or go to sleep whenever you want to. You can do only those things which you are truly interested in. One of the biggest advantages, though, is that going solo can be cheaper, which gets us to our tips.

Cheap Solo Travel Accommodations

Hotels can be expensive, and even more so if you are traveling with a friend who needs a higher level of comfort than you do. But being able to stay at the cheapest hotels is not the only way you save when you are traveling alone. You also have the option of staying in guest houses and hostels, which can be much cheaper in some places.

Hostels, if you are not familiar with them, rent you a bed for the night. You might share the room with several other travelers, and you will share common areas like living rooms as well. Often a stay in a hostel is only a third of what a hotel room would cost in the same area. Furthermore, because you usually have access to a kitchen, you can save on meals by cooking your own.

Also, when you are alone you may sometimes have a place to stay offered to you by new friends. People who get to know you are much more likely to say "stay at my place tonight" when it is just yourself versus a group or even a couple. It would be nice and appropriate to buy a bottle of wine or other gift for your new friends, but that still makes this an inexpensive place to stay.

If you are willing to have others in your own home, you can also save a lot when you travel. Just sign up for one of the "couch surfing" websites where members agree to offer a place to stay to other members. Let a few people stay in your extra bedroom, and when you travel you can arrange the same for yourself.

Cheap Solo Travel - Other Tips

Keep an open mind to really save money. Instead of choosing one destination that you "have to" go to, choose several you would enjoy and go where the plane tickets are cheapest at the moment. When you get there, eat big lunches - which are usually cheaper than dinner - and snack the rest of the day. Try any activity that is cheap before spending more to do other things.

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