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Chapter 27 : Free Cruise Secrets

There are several ways to get a nice ocean cruise for free. Here are some of the best ways.

Get Other Passengers

Many cruise lines will give you a free cruise if you can recruit 10 or more paying passengers. Call the cruise company and ask what their specific requirements are. Even if you can't get the limit required, they will often give you a discount for signing up some passengers.

Be A Host

If you are a gentleman over the age of 55, you can get free passage on some cruises as a "host." You will be required to dance with and have dinner with older single women on the cruise. You normally get free room and board and even free drinks.

Medical Professionals

Doctors and nurses who are willing to be on call while on the cruise can get free passage. They also can get a salary sometimes. Call and ask what the requirements are.

Be an Expert

If you are an expert in something, you may get a free cruise. Naturalists and historians are especially in demand, but it can't hurt to present yourself and your expertise to the cruise line. You normally will have to give a lecture or two during the cruise, and make yourself available to answer the questions of passengers.

A college degree and/or special knowledge helps. However, there are no set rules for this kind of arrangement, so if you have some kind of credentials and can sell yourself, you might get a free cruise. Once you have one under your belt, you have the credentials to get more free cruises.

Using other Skills

If you are a musician or singer you might get free passage in exchange for performing. If you are an exercise instructor you could arrange an exercise program in exchange for a free cruise.

Secrets of Cheaper Cruises

Try an online cruise auction site, like You can specify the kind of cabin you want and dates for your cruise and have a dozen cruise lines give you their best quote. You can also find discounts at some of the general travel sites, like and

Off-season specials may save you a lot as well. Most people go on Alaskan cruises in summer, for example, so May or September can be substantially discounted. Take into account the weather and other factors, of course. There is a reason for the season.

If you're flexible, check online, in the newspaper, or with cruise companies for last-minute deals. If they haven't filled their cabins by a month or two before the cruise date, they often will discount the fare.
Check into "repositioning cruises" in the spring. This is when the boats are moved from their winter homes to summer bases. This means going from the Caribbean, Florida, Mexico or Hawaii to Vancouver, Alaska, Europe or New York. These cruises have the more unusual itineraries and are typically longer. They also can be much cheaper.

Americans who travel abroad for the first time are often shocked to discover that, despite all the progress that has been made in the last 30 years, many foreign people still speak in foreign languages. - Dave Barry

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