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If you want to travel really cheap, go overseas safely, find the best online fares, or learn how to live out of a day pack for a month, then bookmark this site.

Travel Secrets is no longer for sale, but is free! All chapters are linked to below. What's in the book? How to take only carry-on luggage... safely carry money... RV camp for free... negotiate lower room rates... save the 8% federal tax on plane tickets... get a 2nd passport...

Cheaper than a hotel and more fun? See Chapter 12.
Where to hide money and documents. Chapter 16.
Magic words for the lowest hotel rates. Chapter 13.
Unusual vacations and travel plans. Chapter 20.

Steve, I would like to thank you for sharing your... book with me. I found this information and travel tips useful and of much help. Though I live outside the USA, to be more precise in Russia, I managed to use some of your tips in my travel. - Elfina

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Try Two Tickets - I checked online for airfare from Traverse City, Michigan to Tucson, and the cheapest round-trip ticket available. However, there were regular $199 specials to Vegas from Traverse City, and Las Vegas to Tucson was only $161. The savings may or may not be worth booking two flights. In that case I would have saved only $91. But it was a difference of over $1,000 when we went to South America using this strategy. Plan carefully though; you probably won't get a refund if your timing is off on your connections.

Free Campgrounds - Years ago we camped in our van for ten days at Williams Landing, east of Tallahassee, Florida, on Lake Talquin. It's a beautiful place, and there were hot showers. It cost nothing, and you can stay up to two weeks. There are free campgrounds like this scattered around the country. Ask an RVer, buy a Woodall's Campground Directory from an RV dealer, or Google "free campgrounds."

Baños de Agua Santa, Ecuador - Baños de Agua Santa, usually just called Baños, is in the Andes Mountains, at the foot of the volcano Tungurahua, in Ecuador. A bus from Quito, eighty miles to the north, will cost you less than five dollars. Once there, you can soak in one of the hot springs, go to one of the discos or other bars, and watch a volcano... Continue reading here...

Leftover Foreign Coins - Traveling abroad means paying in a foreign currency. In exchange for your well known local currency, you will be given an exotic collection of notes and coins. Getting used to the notes is the easy part. The coins often prove... Continue reading here...

Get Checked Out - It is always a good idea to talk to your doctor or even a Travel Doctor before you head overseas.

The book Travel Secrets is available on these pages:

1 - Travel Light - The how and the why.

2 - Cheap Travel - The biggest secret.

3 - Cheap International Airfare - A trick I learned.

4 - Travel as an Air Courier - Outdated, but interesting.

5 - Cheap Plane Tickets - Tips for getting the best price.

6 - Travel Security Secrets - How to be safe when traveling.

7 - Wal-Mart Camping - And other free places.

8 - Travel Credit Cards - What should you carry?

9 - Cheap Destinations - A few examples.

10 - Drinking Water - What to do to get clean water.

11 - Food Safety - Some basic rules to follow.

12 - Hostels - A fun and cheap alternative to a hotel.

13 - Cheap Accommodations - Get the best room and best price.

14 - Boondocking - Cheap living in your RV.

15 - E-Mail and Travel - What should you email to yourself?

16 - Hiding Money - The safest places to hide documents too.

17 - Second Passport - How to get one.

18 - Cheap Air Travel - More tips for flying cheap.

19 - Romantic Vacations - A handful of possibilities.

20 - Unusual Vacations - A collection of ideas to try.

21 - Mountain Vacations - Why and where.

22 - Adventure Travel - Cheap and close to home.

23 - Lost Luggage - How to complain to airlines.

24 - Travel Packing Tips - Packing light and wrinkle-free.

25 - Toothache Relief - Tooth problems when traveling.

26 - Overseas Travel - A collection of tips.

27 - Free Cruises - Several ways to go free or cheap.

28 - Travel Secrets - What didn't fit in other chapters.

29 - Secrets - Travel - More of the fascinating leftovers.

Video: Lake Tahoe


Leftover Foreign Coins - What to do with them.

A Few Reasons to Travel to Israel - From a writer who is living there.

5 Cheap Ways to Travel - Drive people's cars and trade apartments.

Dealing With Airline Luggage Rules - Some tricks to try.

Things to Do in Davao City, Philippines - Suggestions from a regular visitor.

Interesting Facts about Asia - Including history and geology.

Are All Hot Springs Hotels Funky? - Maybe not, but here are our experiences...

The Advantages of a Hostel - More than just saving money.

Travel the World on a Budget - A how-to guide to get you started.

Historical Facts About The Rocky Mountains - Article by Robert Smith.

Some Interesting Facts about Antarctica - Article by Robert Smith.

Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort - Our experience.

Comprehensive Travel Checklist - Almost everything is covered here.

Things to Do in San Francisco - Activities, attractions and a few tips.

The Best Travel Deals - Tips and a formula you can use to get the best deals.

Internet Travel Writing - The advantages to writing online travel articles.

Colorado Blizzard Story - A night in a Red Cross Shelter.

Alternative Vacations - Monasteries and mountain huts?

Van Camping with Coyotes - Shooting stars and howling animals.

A Strange but True Story - Hitchhiking in Montana at age sixteen.

Jesus Christ and Other Hitchhikers - A true story and some tips.

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