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Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort

(A Review)

We live only about 80 miles from Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort here in Colorado. We had been to the hot spring pool (the only one open at the time) a couple years ago, but there have been upgrades since then. This time we decided to stay for a night.

June is the start of the busy season, and the pools were pretty full of people on the Sunday we arrived. The good news was that despite the season, a nice room cost us only $128 with tax, and that included the use of the upper pools (warm, but not hot) with their 350-foot long water slide, as well as the two lower hot pools. There is also a restaurant and bar on the premises, and a small gift shop/convenience store across the parking lot.

There is a third pool being finished, accessed by crossing Chalk Creek. There are also natural hot springs along the creek that mix with the cold water to make pools of various temperatures. These were not usable due to the summer snow melt. The water would be low enough to use these by mid-July I was told. There are several nice patio areas around the two main hot pools, as well as a shower house and a steam room.

All of the above was included in the price of the room. In addition, if you keep your wrist band on you are free to use the facilities for the entire day after you check out, if you wish. So you effectively get two days use of the pools and other amenities with a night's stay. In fact, if you arrive early as we did (check-in is at 3:00 pm), and have to wait for a room, you can get your wrist bands and use the pools while waiting for your room to be ready.

My wife and I had a great time. I was impressed at how well maintained the lodge was for being a very old building. There are also rooms across the road and up the hill, with better views of the mountains (but further from the pools). There are cabins for rent as well. It is truly a pleasure to soak in mineral hot springs while looking up at the snow fields on Mount Princeton and Mount Antero.

We would definitely recommend the Mount Princeton Hot Springs resort. It has a few small issues (poor satellite television selection, shaky dirt and wood steps down to to main pools), but for the price it is well worth it. If you are not staying at the resort, the pools cost $10 to use Monday through Friday and $15 on Saturday and Sunday, plus $5 extra if you want to use the water slide. Those prices are for the entire day, and as of summer 2009.

If you are looking for other things to do in the area, continue up the road eight miles and you'll find the ghost town of Saint Elmo, where you can watch the humming birds or rent an ATV to go higher into the mountains. Along the way you'll pass Chalk Lake, a small fishing hole ($5 daily fee to use the picnic are or lake). And any drive in the area is worth it for the scenery. We will return to Mount Princeton Hot Springs Resort.

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