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A Comprehensive Travel Checklist

A travel checklist has to include more than a simple list of things to bring. You need to prepare your home for your absence, notify friends and family, get the necessary documents and more. The following is a fairly comprehensive list, in two parts (things to do before you leave and an actual packing list). Put a mark next to the items that are relevant to your trip and then cross them off as you accomplish them.

Travel Planning Checklist

____ Passport ready, expiration more than six months out

____ Visa ready if one is needed

____ Plane tickets purchased

____ Notify credit card company you'll using the card be out of the country

____ Necessary inoculations

____ Make necessary reservations

____ Print tickets and receipts

____ Send important documents and phone numbers to your email

____ Put needed documents and files on a flash drive to bring

____ Make itinerary and leave with a trusted friend or family member

____ Pay all bills

____ Stop mail or arrange for someone to bring it in the house

____ Stop newspaper

____ Buy traveler's checks

____ Arrange for child care

____ Arrange for someone to check on house, pets, and plants

____ Let trusted neighbors know you'll be gone

____ Hide house key and tell trusted person its location

____ Get some foreign currency for destination

____ Put fresh batteries in any devices going with you

____ Get a new memory card for digital camera

____ Buy a hidden wallet or security pouch

____ Buy a language book

____ Buy necessary prescription and other medicines

____ Have any needed dental work done before going overseas

____ Have car checked out if you are driving

____ Arrange for pet boarding

____ Make a packing list (see below)

____ Check weather for destination and add necessary clothing to list

____ Confirm tickets

____ Mow the lawn

____ Turn down the heat

____ Lock all doors

____ Water all plants, indoor and outdoor

____ Unplug appliances, electronics, and computers

____ Put out all garbage

____ Clean out refrigerator

____ Hot water heater off or on low

____ Turn off air conditioner

____ Call and say goodbyes

____ Identification tags on all luggage



Packing Checklist

____ Money

____ Credit card

____ Traveler's checks

____ Debit card

____ Fake wallet (in case of thieves)

____ Security pouch or hidden pocket

____ Passport

____ Visa

____ Driver's license or other ID

____ Other travel documents

____ Extra glasses or contact lenses

____ Camera

____ Film

____ Extra batteries

____ Cell phone

____ Alarm clock or watch

____ Laptop computer

____ Flash Drive

____ MP3 player

____ Sunglasses

____ Hat

____ Jacket or coat

____ Shirts

____ Skirts

____ T-shirts

____ Sweater

____ Gloves

____ Bras

____ Underwear

____ Swimsuit

____ Pants

____ Socks

____ Shoes

____ Sandals

____ Rain suit

____ Belt

____ Towels

____ Address book

____ All tickets

____ Maps

____ Guidebooks

____ Language books

____ Reading material

____ Laundry bag

____ Small sewing kit

____ Nail clippers

____ Small scissors

____ Tweezers

____ Hair curler

____ Mirror

____ Hair dryer

____ Comb

____ Hair brush

____ Toothbrush

____ Toothpaste

____ Dental floss

____ Cosmetics

____ Hair ties

____ Deodorant or antiperspirant

____ Cologne or perfume

____ Shampoo

____ Conditioner

____ Razors

____ Shaving cream

____ Lib balm

____ Feminine hygiene items

____ Tissues

____ First aid kit (small)

____ Prescription medicines

____ Pain relievers

____ Sunscreen

____ Insect repellent

____ Motion sickness pills

____ Hand sanitizer



Feel free to copy and print this travel checklist.

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