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This is the section with all the travel tips and pages that didn't seem to fit in the other parts of the website. Tips on safe travel, tax issues, what to pack and where to get more information. Use the links below to get to the pages you need. There is a description of each.

Travel Money Belts covers security issues, such as how to safely carry cash, credit cards and important documents. Read how I was robbed, so you can learn the lessons there.

Crossing The Mexican Border has some tips on daytrips into border towns. You'll also find the story of our own trips to Nogales for lunch and margaritas.

Conversion Van Camping relates some of our experiences traveling and camping in our van, and has tips on how to travel comfortably in this way.

How To Travel Light argues for travel simplicity, and has some good tips on how to achieve it. I show how we went to Ecuador for six weeks with only carry-on luggage. One daypack each, actually. Mine weighed 10 pounds, my wife's only 8 pounds.

Save On Income Tax When You Travel is about making vacation costs into valid business deductions on your tax return.

The Pros And Cons Of Hitchhiking is about a not-so-safe mode of travel, with tips on when and where, and how it can be made safer.

A Basic Packing List For A Trip has suggestions for the essential things you may need when you travel.

Travel Safety Tips is about how to travel safely within the U.S. as well as when you travel abroad.

Be sure to check back in the future, as we will be updating the website,

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