Thirsty for Travel, Hungry for Nature: A Road to Eco-friendly Trip

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In 2020, Richard Fain, Royal Caribbean Cruises chairman and chief executive, predicted that tourism would grow, not by forcing everything to go back to normal but by responding positively and adjusting to the current situation. In all devastating situations in life, whatever the result or event, how one reacts most accurately defines them.

This year, countries can once again share their tourist attractions. People have been craving travel ever since the lockdowns. But they have waited patiently. They are now ready to go on trips again. And hopefully, they will do this while caring for the environment.

How Is Mother Nature?

While many people have suffered during the pandemic, that’s not where this is going. For all we know, Mother Nature didn’t catch a break from the pandemic either. She has been surviving despite everything she’s been through. She’s begging for humans to save her. But deforestation and all, she continues to provide us what we need and what beautiful wonders of the world.

Unfortunately for her, since urbanization has been progressing, there is a continuous increase in urban land and a decrease in forest habitats. This is one of the main reasons humans must be conscious of how they affect the natural world.

Being Eco-mindful About Your Travels

Since people have been waiting to travel again, they should appreciate nature and care for the environment more. They can cherish the times they can be outdoors and inhale the freshest air, sightseeing gorgeous scenery, and storing picturesque memories. On the other hand, their home cities carry on with the honking cars, stressful surroundings, and everything else detrimental to nature.

Whether you’re traveling through tour guides or having tailor-made holidays, you must be pro-conservation of nature.

Preparing for Eco-friendly Trips

Packing Bags

To stay sustainable and eco-conscious, packing light is the best way to go. This way, it won’t be too heavy for you to walk around. You will be able to use everything you brought. More importantly, the less you bring, the less you litter. Then more saving the environment.

The question you need to ask yourself is: “Do I need this?“ In fact, if you even have to ask, then just let it go. Most likely, you won’t even notice it’s gone since you’re too busy having fun with and caring for Mother Nature. Just bring with you the definite necessities. Also, be sure to pack with only eco-friendly products as much as possible.


This is a tough one. Since you don’t really have much of a choice because of long-distance, just travel by plane. The best you can do is to choose the most eco-friendly company or airline available. Frankly, it can be bank-account-draining, let alone traveling itself. But then again, it is for the environment. Given that you already planned your expenses prior, you’re good to go.

When you arrive at your destination and be on your way to explore, this is the part where it’s best to use eco-friendly transportation, such as trains and bikes. Walk if you can. Not only this protects the environment, but it also comes with an authentic and more enjoyable experience.


It is encouraged to book accommodation that promotes love for nature and an eco-friendly lifestyle. Or at least, none of their furniture and appliances should be harmful to the environment. It’s not about five-star hotels and restaurants. Environment-loving travels don’t have to be financially non-affordable. It’s the experience that most counts.


Even outside your travels, you should practice an eco-friendly lifestyle. Preventing the use of plastic straws and containers is a good way to start. Same as though when you’re traveling. Again, this isn’t about being fancy or fine dining. You should eat in a place where they have less plastic and encourage proper waste disposal. This is all possible while experiencing the great taste of local food. Not only that it’s less expensive, but you’re also supporting small businesses that protect their surroundings.

Don’t Buy Water

Unless you’re eating at a restaurant and you’re using a glass for drinking, don’t pay for water. Since you care about conservation, don’t forget water. Plus, buying water usually comes with plastic bottles, so this is a basic no-no. Bring a reusable bottle instead. Nowadays, you can already be able to find water refill stations. It’s always better to do your research beforehand.

Going on holidays as an eco-conscious traveler is a responsible activity. It is only right to protect the environment because it also suffers during the pandemic. Hopefully, on your next travel, you should apply at least one of these suggestions as a start.

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