two pizza in a table

7 Tips and Tricks for a Guilt-Free Pizza Cravings 

Let’s face it, everybody loves pizza, and there’s no way to refuse when someone offers you a slice. The only problem is when you’re on a diet, and needs to cut down some calories. Fortunately, there are ways to make

Chef plating

Essential Tips to Follow if You Want to Plate Like a Chef

The culinary world is nothing short of creative expressions, delectable meals, and eye-popping creations. Who wouldn’t want to binge-watch episodes of the hit reality cooking show “MasterChef” and others that ignite the passion of home cooks and even wannabes to

old couple

Four Extra Romantic Things You Can Do on Your Silver Anniversary

Spending 25 years of marriage with your partner is an exceptional milestone. And it is common for many couples to celebrate their silver anniversary with their family, friends and loved ones. Some, however, prefer to celebrate it intimately. Aside from

jew at the wailing wall jerusalem prayer

What Is the Purpose of a Pilgrimage?

To go on a journey to reinvigorate your spirituality can change your life. It takes a lot of courage for someone to leave their daily routines and hectic schedules to reflect and think about their beliefs. A lot of people

Cable Car

Enjoy The Cable Car Network of Singapore

Think Singapore and you probably think of a city-state that’s admired and envied around the world for its prosperity, progressiveness and lifestyle. It’s a success story that places it on top of many surveys for safety, education, infrastructure and business.

Blogger writing a review

Best-Kept Secrets of the Best Food Bloggers

From various social media sites like Facebook and Instagram, people’s obsession with food is growing more intense. Though a few of us are starting to get fed up with all these food blogs, we secretly hope that we have a

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