Travel Guide to Romania: From Quaint Towns to Charming Cities

Romania is best known for the legend of Dracula, but this charming southeastern European country has so much more to offer. While the country’s Transylvania region is famous for its vampire folklore, there’s a lot to see and explore, with

Non-Spicy Food Guide to India for Every Taste Bud

There’s no country better than India for travelers seeking a true culinary adventure. It’s the land of spices and delicious flavors, and with different parts of the region offering its own take on the cuisine, there’s definitely something for everyone.

travel selfies

Death by Selfie: The Curious Case of Fatal Travel Photos

Some travel selfies are killer. Literally. In their desire to get that perfect shot, some travelers do whatever is necessary to outdo other tourists, even if it means risking their life just to take a selfie. Some do it for

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