Why Is It so Hard to Eat Healthily?

We hear it over and over again: eat healthy food. What does it mean, anyway? We need calories, carbohydrates, fats, and sugar, but these are all considered unhealthy food. So, what do we eat? Studies say that you must strike

woman hiking

Outdoor Feminine Care: Staying Healthy and Clean While on the Trail

Adventure travel offers life-changing experiences that push you outside your comfort zone. Whether you’re doing an adventure and eco-tour in Alaska or hiking along the Pacific Crest Trail, these activities in the great outdoors test your determination and let you enjoy the beauty of

chef cooking

Around the World Foodie Guide in Singapore

Singapore is a cosmopolitan destination in Asia that has something for all types of travellers. Especially when it comes to food. It’s not all Chinese, as many people think. The island city-state has been ranked the most popular place for expatriates and

Visionary Leadership

Why the World Needs Visionary Leaders

When we talk about visionary leadership, people like George Washington, Mahatma Gandhi, or Steve Jobs come to mind. These men contributed revolutionary deeds and ideas to the world we live in today. George Washington developed an organizational culture that won their

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