Friends out in the city

The Things You’ll Learn in a Walking Tour Experience

Do you love to discover places by walking around and feeling the surroundings? Walking tours have become popular these days, and for good reasons. It’s better than touring a place by riding a vehicle because you’re more in tune with

Wedding cake on dessert table

Putting Together a Wedding Menu: Things to Consider

Food is the center of every celebration. If you want yours to be memorable, make sure you feed your guests well; keep them satisfied and full with good food. This is especially true if you are inviting various guests to

korean dish

A Guide to Spicy Asian Cuisine

Some people have surprising tastes. This is especially so when it comes to spiciness. While others balk at having their tongue being bathed in fire, spiciness addicts are always in search of it. For those who want to challenge themselves

Jobs Market: Millennials Might Be Onto Something

For as much as we want to call out millennials for their love of the expensive and extravagant, let’s not forget that they’re also used to making things happen for themselves. They can be prone to job-hopping, but when companies

Creepy hands in the picture

Why People Believe in Supernatural Elements

People are naturally curious. If they do not understand something, they will do everything they can to answer the questions in their minds. This where most initial theories and explanations come from. Without proper evidence, humanity often decides to make

woman in the waiting area in the airport

Enjoy the Best Layover of Your Life — For Free!

Travel can be quite stressful and tiring, especially if you have a long layover between connecting flights. You spend hours bored at the airport just wishing for time to pass by quickly so you can get to your intended destination

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