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Four Places to Enjoy The Best Colombian Food

Penny StuartAug 21, 20225 min read

The history of Colombian food is a long and varied one. The country has been influenced by various cultures over the years, resulting in diverse culinary traditions. Some of the…

people boarding a bus

Planning the Best Friendship Weekend: Tips for Type A Personalities

Penny StuartAug 2, 20224 min read

On most occasions, being the type A friend can be a great asset. You’re always the one with the well-thought-out plans, and you’re always game for anything. That’s why you’re…

a woman riding a car

How Traveling Gives You the Much Needed Self-Time

Penny StuartJul 15, 20224 min read

We all know that traveling is a great way to explore new places and learn about different cultures, but you may not know that it’s also an excellent way to…



Tourists walking Singapore

Food Guide: Enjoying Singaporean Cuisine and Culture

Penny StuartDec 29, 20183 min read

Are you feeling excited about your Singapore holiday? If you are like most vacationers, you have already looked at all the places worth visiting in the city-state. Perhaps you have made a list of activities you want to try, never…


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