Four Places to Enjoy The Best Colombian Food


The history of Colombian food is a long and varied one. The country has been influenced by various cultures over the years, resulting in diverse culinary traditions. Some of the most popular dishes in Colombia include arepasbandeja paisasancocho, and empanadas.

Arepas are corn cakes that are popular throughout South America. They can be made with various fillings, such as cheese, meat, or vegetables. Bandeja paisa is a dish that originates from the region of Antioquia. It consists of rice, beans, chorizo, fried eggs, plantains, and avocado. Sancocho is a soup with chicken, beef, pork, potatoes, cassava root, and plantains. Empanadas are pastries that are filled with meats or vegetables.

Colombian food is flavorful and hearty and sure to satisfy any appetite! But not many people know where they can eat good Colombian food outside Colombia. Here are some places with an increasing Colombian population, increasing their chances of making good Colombian food.

New York City

If you’re looking for one of the most diverse cities in the United States, look no further than New York City.

Colombia is an essential part of New Yorker‘s lives. It has thousands of Colombians who live and the city. Second and third-generation immigrants run various Colombian food joints. You can findempanadasarepasplatanos, yucca fries, sancochobandeja paisa and many more delicious dishes.

Mi Tierra Café

This family-owned restaurant has been serving up traditional Colombian food since opening its doors in 1971. Located in the heart of Jackson Heights, this restaurant is a favorite among locals and visitors. Be sure to try their Bandeja Paisa!

La Caridad 78

Located on the Upper West Side of Manhattan, La Caridad 78 is a go-to spot for Colombian food. This restaurant serves classic Colombian dishes like empanadasarepas, and sancochos. They also have an extensive menu of seafood dishes.

El Globo Restaurant

El Globo Restaurant is a fixture in the Brooklyn community, having served Colombian food for over 30 years. This restaurant is known for its friendly staff and authentic dishes. Be sure to try their Mondongo soup!


This Williamsburg spot is perfect for those looking for a more modern take on Colombian cuisine. At Piloncillo, you’ll find elevated versions of classic dishes like empanadasarepas, and sancochos. They also have an extensive list of cocktails and wines.

So next time you’re craving some delicious Colombian food, check out one of these great restaurants! You won’t be disappointed.


If you’re looking for delicious Colombian food in Miami, then you’re lucky! This city is home to a sizeable Colombian community, resulting in many excellent restaurants serving authentic dishes.

El Rinconcito Cafe

This hole-in-the-wall cafe is beloved by locals for its delicious food and friendly service. Be sure to try their Bandeja Paisa!

La Moon

This popular restaurant is known for its creative takes on classic Colombian dishes. Their empanadas are particularly popular, but be sure to try their arepas as well!

Colombian Caribbean Restaurant

Located in Little Havana, this restaurant serves traditional Colombian fare with a Caribbean twist. Try their Arroz con Pollo or their Fried Plantains!

Pollo Campero

This chain restaurant is a favorite among Colombians living in Miami. They offer a variety of classic chicken dishes and sides like yucca fries and plantains.

Now that we’ve listed some places where you can eat good Colombian food outside Colombia, what about if you’re in the country? Which city produces some of the most authentic Colombian food? Look no further than Medellin.



The city of Medellin is known for its delicious food and rich culture. But few people know the city’s history.

Medellin was founded in 1616 by the Spanish conquistador Pedro de Heredia. At the time, it was known as Santa Fe de Antioquia. The city remained a small, rural town until the 1950s when it began to grow rapidly due to the influx of refugees from the Colombian Civil War.

Today, Medellin is a major city and an important center of culture and industry in Colombia. The city is known for its beautiful architecture, lively nightlife, and rich culture. It is also home to some of the best Colombian food in the country! If you want to hit the best food joints, consider going on a Medellin city tour trip. Not only can you taste the best Colombian food on these tours, but you can also see some of the best spots in the city, such as Plaza BoteroMuseo de Antioquia, and Parque Explora.

So there you have it! A list of four places to enjoy the best Colombian food, whether you’re in Colombia or not. Be sure to check out one of these great restaurants the next time you’re craving some delicious Colombian cuisine!

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