Four Extra Romantic Things You Can Do on Your Silver Anniversary

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Spending 25 years of marriage with your partner is an exceptional milestone. And it is common for many couples to celebrate their silver anniversary with their family, friends and loved ones. Some, however, prefer to celebrate it intimately. Aside from checking in at a hotel room in Fish Creek, WI, where the two of you can enjoy the weekend, here are some more ideas for celebrating your 25th year.

Create a movie of messages.

If you or any member of the family loves making videos, you can ask them for some help in compiling short clips of everyone’s greetings for you and your partner. You can also ask them to tell a story of how they remember you as a couple.

This is a great idea, especially if you have loved ones staying far away from you. Compile the videos into one movie that you and your other half can watch as you relax in your hotel room. Look back and reminisce all your fun memories together.

Pick unique gifts.

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Since it is your 25th wedding anniversary, you must not forget to have a few unique gifts ready. While you always have a lot of options, it is still a great idea to stick to a theme. Since it is a silver anniversary that you are celebrating, you might want to look for things that are silver in color to match the occasion. Take note also that silver is one of the most resistant metals, which symbolizes your beautiful relationship.

Meanwhile, the way that you give your gift to your partner depends on you. You can put it on a platter and serve it to your partner as if it is just an ordinary breakfast in bed. Or, you can surprise and catch her off guard after you watch the clips of your family’s greetings.

Have an unforgettable trip.

Since you want to spend your silver anniversary alone as a couple, then it is best that you do so while on a beautiful vacation. You can plan a weekend getaway in the most romantic places near your area. It is also a great time to spend your vacation on a cruise and enjoy all the amenities that it has to offer.

Revisit your bucket list.

There are also times when one of the most romantic things that you can do at the moment with your partner is just to sit with them—and go over your bucket list. See if there are things that you have not done yet and if you can still do them. You might even want to add new items on your list. While you may be older now, ticking off all the items there will surely give you a completely new and extra fulfilling experience.

Spending 25 years with the love of your life is such a huge milestone that it deserves a special celebration. Do the things that you love as a couple, as you look back through all the years that you have spent together.

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