Here’s How to Pack Light Like a Pro


Minimalist travel is fast catching up as a trend among many travelers and adventure seekers. More and more people are progressively welcoming the art of packing light to avoid the hassle of lining up at the airport’s baggage counter or having to bring suitcases when riding public transportation. Here are some of the best tips to help you pack light for your next backpacking, holiday or business trip, which you booked with the help of a travel agency such as Cruise Lady.

Pack a single suitcase and a day bag

Traveling light means carrying as much less luggage as you possibly can, obviously. Whether you are going on a winter holiday vacation or a road trip, try putting all the stuff that you need in a single suitcase. Then, do not forget to bring a day bag, where you can place your valuable items for easy access. Use this bag too for your tours once you leave your suitcase at the hotel.

For your things to fit in just one luggage, make sure that you pack a limited wardrobe. You can try packing pieces of clothes, instead of complete outfits, so that you can mix and match and maximize the number of looks you can use for your trip. One great tip is to color coordinate everything. Do not worry about repeating clothing. Also, it is more practical to bring only one or two pairs of comfortable shoes.

Cut down on your pack of toiletries


You can greatly minimize your luggage by bringing fewer of your personal effects. Only carry basic toiletries, such as toothbrush, toothpaste, facial wash, deodorant and comb. Hotels usually provide soap, shampoo and lotion. You can also always shop around for these items anytime, wherever you are.

Cut on your tech luggage, too

While you may be using a range of gadgets for various functions, traveling light will require that you leave some of them behind. You can supplement the need by installing apps that reduce your need for multiple gadgets. A writing pad app on your tablet, for example, can help you drop your laptop from your luggage list.

Carry things that will keep you engaged

Although traveling light means that you have to cut on your baggage, you do not need to sacrifice your entertainment. You can carry your earphones with you if music is your entertainment. A book can also work for you if that is what you love doing during your leisure time.

Pack smart

Since you are using only one luggage, make sure to utilize every space. To save space, roll your clothes. To organize, use packing pouches. Also, use travel-pack bottles for your perfume, moisturizer, makeup remover and other similar items. And after packing your bag, make sure you can lift it easily to see if you have packed more than what you are supposed to.

Minimalist travel is more than just packing less stuff or saving money. It is more of a lifestyle that helps you move fast without being weighed down by much luggage.

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