Public Transport Experiences You Must Not Miss When Traveling in Singapore

couple doing public transportation
  • Singapore has a comprehensive public transportation system, including buses, trains, and cabs.
  • The Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) system is fast, reliable, and comfortable for travelers.
  • Buses are available frequently and have comfortable seating with air conditioning units.
  • The Cable Car system offers an elevated view of the city’s skyline and natural landscapes.
  • Taxis come in different categories and provide a convenient, affordable way to get around.

When people talk about Singapore, they often discuss the tourist attractions they should visit in the city-state. But, if you want to experience Singapore like a true local, there’s no better way than taking public transport. Singapore has some of the best public transit options available worldwide!

Singapore is renowned for its robust transportation network and convenient commute, making it a breeze for tourists and residents to get around the city. With an extensive public transportation system that includes buses, trains, and cabs, Singapore offers a fast, reliable, and comfortable travel experience.

A study by the World Bank ranks Singapore third in the world for public transport experiences. So, if you’re planning a trip to Singapore, make sure to check out these must-do public transport experiences:

The Singapore Mass Rapid Transit System

The Singapore Mass Rapid Transit (SMRT) system is one of the country’s most popular forms of public transport. It’s known for its efficiency, cleanliness, and safety features. The SMRT is a comprehensive network of above- and underground rail lines, so travelers can easily access all parts of Singapore.

In 1987, the SMRT Chairman committed to making the SMRT “a safe, reliable, and comfortable form of public transport for Singaporeans.” With this pledge in mind, the MRT system has been continuously upgraded to provide world-class service.

The SMRT provides frequent daily and night services for travelers looking for a smooth journey, with trains running every 3 to 12 minutes. This ensures that people have reliable options for getting around from one place to another without waiting long periods between rides. Furthermore, passengers are always seated comfortably in air-conditioned carriages with adequate legroom and wheelchair access available for those who need it.

Today’s SMRT CEO, Ngien Hoon Ping, prioritizes customer experience and has implemented various initiatives to ensure travelers’ safe and enjoyable journeys. These include increasing the number of train services during peak hours, providing free WiFi on board, and introducing real-time passenger information at stations.

Singapore Bus Services

Singapore bus services provide an easy, affordable way to get around the city. With over four thousand buses operating in Singapore, there’s sure to be one that can take you where you need to go! The buses are reliable and have frequent services from early morning until late evening. They also boast comfortable seating with air conditioning units as well as wheelchair access for those who require it.

Moreover, the Singapore bus service is integrated with other public transportation systems so passengers can transfer quickly between buses and other forms of transport. Bus services also have various payment options, so travelers can choose what works best for them – cashless payments via an EZ-link or stored value card.

Cable Car System

cable car

A trip to Singapore isn’t complete without a ride on the cable car system. This is one of the most scenic ways to explore the island city, with stunning views of Singapore’s iconic skyline and natural landscapes!

The cable car system operates from Sentosa Island and Mount Faber. Each journey takes approximately 15-20 minutes and offers passengers an elevated view of the surrounding area. The cable cars also have climate control systems, ensuring that passengers stay comfortable during their ride. Besides sightseeing, travelers can use this mode of transport to access attractions such as Universal Studios Theme Park or Sentosa Island’s extensive range of activities.


driver inside his taxi

Like in many countries, Singapore will also allow tourists to use taxis. It is convenient and affordable, as you only pay by kilometer for the ride between locations. Taxis are available 24/7 and can be booked online or at designated taxi stands in critical areas.

Taxis come in different categories, including the following:

Standard taxis

You’ll be able to hail a ride from the streets with no prior booking necessary. Standard taxis are available in white, yellow, and blue colors.

Premium taxis

These cabs offer more luxurious vehicles for travelers looking for a stylish ride around the city. They come in various shades of burgundy or black and have extra amenities like complimentary WiFi.


For those seeking a VIP experience, limousine services can provide the ultimate ride. Limos come in black and white and feature state-of-the-art amenities like large flat-screen TVs and a well-stocked mini bar. Travelers can book them for airport transfers or be chauffeured around the city on special occasions.


Maxi cabs are ideal for larger groups and offer a roomy interior with plenty of legroom. They are typically yellow or blue and include added services like luggage assistance.

Final Thoughts

No matter your travel plans, there’s an ideal public transportation option for everyone in Singapore! These experiences will make your trip more comfortable and enjoyable, from trains to buses to cable cars. So, next time you visit Singapore, don’t miss out on the world-class public transport experience it offers!

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