The Best Drinks to Go with Your Cookies

Kid looking at cookies on a plate

Cookies are everybody’s favorite sweet treats. Kids and adults alike fancy a freshly baked cookie anytime they need comfort, or they simply want to snack. The entire cookie experience, however, is also influenced what you pair it with.

That’s why we have the following suggestions to make your cookie time always a wonderful time worth the calorie indulgence.

Chocolate Rocks

Chocolate drink, no matter if it is served hot or cold, would certainly complement your fresh batch of cookies each time. It is one of the best drinks to pair with your favorite baked goodies.

Imagine a steaming cup of hot chocolate and a plate of gourmet cookies in Frisco. We’re sure the thought already sends you warmth, making it a perfect pairing to play with during the Christmas holidays.

Coffee Champion

Another delicious drink that would give you a reason to snack on cookies is coffee. We are not quite sure what’s weighty, coffee or cookie but one thing is certain, the presence of one would call out the other.

With a variety of cafés sprouting everywhere since Starbucks became a hit, so is the number of coffee choices accessible to humanity. You like yours black, sweetened, or blended with different ingredients? Any of them would make a hit with your cookies!

Tea Is Love

If you are not much a fan of the caffeine kick and you want something soothing and aromatic, tea is it. It is easy to see why the tea culture is making waves in many countries.

Apart from its supposed benefits, there’s also the undeniable fact that teas are comforting drinks that you can have all seasons and in various forms: iced, hot, or even blended.

Iconic Milk

Rustic dairy productsThe cookie and milk pairing is iconic. In fact, it’s a tradition for both kids and kids-at-heart followed for many years. It is no wonder people find their piece of heaven when they dunk cookies onto milk.

Although this is a no-no for the lactose intolerant and some gourmet cookies Frisco simply would not scream for milk, it remains to be one of the best, if not the best food pairings of all times.

Booze and Sweets

Believe it or not, a good shot of alcohol could make a great pairing with cookies, particularly with biscotti. Sometimes it’s just wine traditionally boiled until the alcohol evaporates and then a splash of sherry or brandy is added up in the end.

Other times, it’s apple cider given a serious kick with a shot of Bourbon. No matter what blend you choose, it’s all about warming up your stomach with an alcohol-infused drink to make your cookie time a lot more exciting.

We know you play favorites when it comes to your cookie-and-drink pairings. But it would not hurt if you go out of your comfort zone, choose something you never tried before, and see if it clicks.

The best part of it is you get holds-no-barred access to the cookie jar. After all, life is too precious to waste on limiting your cookie intake.

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