Tips for Getting the Cheapest Flights Possible

Airplane taking off

Airfare isn’t as expensive as it used to be, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t hunt down the cheapest fares possible. The fact is that, like any other industry, airfare prices change based on the law of supply and demand.

That being the case, here’s what you should know when buying flights to practically anywhere at a lower cost.

Fly on a Friday

Studies show that if you want cheap flights to locations such as South Bend, you should choose a flight that leaves on a Friday. In contrast, Sunday flights are the most expensive — probably because air carriers think you really need to get a seat on the plane in order to arrive for work on Monday.

The same studies show that flying on a Friday can save you as much as 18% on the airfare. Considering the cost of flights today, that 18% can be the difference between the cost of a good hotel or a bad one.

Know the Cheapest Payment Method

Man using laptop and holding a credit card

Using your credit card to buy plane tickets could mean an additional charge on top of the regular fare. On the other hand, paying through your debit card can help limit the total amount you’ll be paying.

The kind of payment processor you’re using will have an impact on the price of the fare, so be wise with your choice. The problem here is that what’s “cheap” may vary depending on the place you’re in. Don’t forget that there are also points system so if you’re a frequent flyer, make sure you use that.

Go Incognito with your Search

No, your eyes are not fooling you. The airfare really did change during those precious 5 minutes it took you to check them. This is because most websites use your cookies to figure out if you’ve visited them recently and this being the case, changes the cost of the fare depending on how often you visit.

The logic is that you must really need to take this flight — thereby giving them the freedom to spike up the cost just a little bit. You can solve this problem by going on incognito mode or using private search, therefore ensuring that no cookies are involved.

Opt for Round Trips

Round trip tickets are usually cheaper than one-way tickets because airlines are trying to encourage you to use their service for both flights. Of course, this is largely dependent on the time, place, and date of your arrival and departure. Feel free to make comparisons so you can be sure that you’re getting the affordable prices for your trip.

Of course, keep in mind that during days when everyone is on vacation, the fares can’t help but be high as air carriers take advantage of the sudden rush of flyers. If you can make use of alternative forms of transportation — then feel free to do so in order to save on your overall expenses. Remember: the earlier you book, the cheaper tickets are.

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