Touring Italy Everything You Need to Know

If you know someone who’s planning to take Italy on a future trip, there are some things that they need to know before they head out on the trip. Some of the best tips include destinations beyond the most famous ones. Public transportation in these areas are great option, and renting a car can be burdensome. While you’re in these smaller places in Italy, make sure you visit hidden Italian restaurant gems that offer some of the most authentic food in the area. Have your tickets purchased before you need them for buses and trains across the country.

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There are a lot of cultural differences, which you’ll find in these restaurants and visiting tourist destinations.

Keep in mind that some things shouldn’t be done on this trip. Try not to visit at the end of the summer, when it’s crowded and when it’s very hot. This can make for a stressful and uncomfortable trip. If you do have to travel by car, you need a vignette to travel on certain roads and get small cars to fit in villages. If you have physical tickets, make sure they are validated, or you can be fined. You shouldn’t expect every monument to be open when you go. Because of the age of the monuments in the country, there could be some renovations happening when you get there to visit.

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