Enjoy the Best Layover of Your Life — For Free!

woman in the waiting area in the airport

Travel can be quite stressful and tiring, especially if you have a long layover between connecting flights. You spend hours bored at the airport just wishing for time to pass by quickly so you can get to your intended destination as soon as possible.

However, that need not always be the case.

In Singapore’s Changi Airport, travellers might even find themselves excited at the prospect of an extended layover. With many activities and things to do in-store, some would want even more time to enjoy the one-of-a-kind facilities in this world-class airport. It is even a popular tourist destination in itself, with locals visiting quite regularly even if they do not have a flight to catch.

Even better still, you do not need a large travel budget to enjoy your layover. Many amenities are made available to you free of charge.

If you were wondering what to do in between flights, here are some of the best ways to spend your free time at Changi Airport without spending a single cent:

Learn about nature

The Butterfly Garden, located on the roof of Terminal 2, is home to over a thousand butterflies belonging to around 40 different species. The beautiful surroundings, including a 6-meter tall waterfall, make it an amazing sight to behold as well, where you can relax, meditate, and slow down during your layover.

The Butterfly Garden also doubles as an educational experience, where you can learn about the lives and life cycles of butterflies through educational exhibits located throughout the garden. At some stations, you can even witness the breeding and feeding of butterflies with your own eyes. This makes it a truly unique experience for young and old alike.

Get a massage

Long hours in the air can be draining on your body, so why not grab the chance to recuperate at one of the massage chairs located near the departure gates? You can simply plop down on one of the automatic foot massage chairs and enjoy a relaxing foot and calf massage during your layover. If you are looking for more, free full body massage chairs are also available in Terminal 1, though you might have to queue for this. Paid massages are also available in the Wellness Oasis, which offers reflexology and hot showers as well.

Catch a movie

There is no better way to let a few hours pass you by than by watching a good movie. Movie theaters in Terminals 2 and 3 offer a selection of latest hits, blockbusters, and all-time favorites that you can check out any time of the day. Save for certain hours when weekly maintenance is performed, the movie theaters are open 24/7 and do not charge any admissions fee. If you are planning to watch a movie, it is best to check out the Changi Airport website first to select your film choice and desired schedule.

Take some snapshots

woman holding a suitcase walking inside the airport

Changi Airport is an Instagrammer’s dream, with various sites that serve as worthy backdrops for your latest posts. Boasting more than five indoor gardens that feature unique plant and animal wildlife, this airport can give you enough profile pictures to last a lifetime. But don’t just have these gardens be a photoshoot venue; their authenticity is also a perfect venue for you to relax and take some time for yourself to slow down on your travels.

Enjoying your layover does not have to cost the price of a lounge admission. In Changi Airport, they charge you nothing but your time, which — by the time you get on your next flight — you will be delighted to have spent doing things you enjoyed.

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