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Think Singapore and you probably think of a city-state that’s admired and envied around the world for its prosperity, progressiveness and lifestyle. It’s a success story that places it on top of many surveys for safety, education, infrastructure and business.

However, it’s also a top tourist destination with people drawn to fantastic food, world-class amenities and events and unrivalled shopping opportunities. It has all the charms of an Asia Pacific destination and all the conveniences of a modern, progressive well run state. What’s not to like?

Singapore Cable Car Sky Network

Singapore and Sentosa are covered by an extensive cable car network. This network makes it incredibly easy getting around, and it’s not as if the road and train public transport service is terrible, actually, they work fantastically. I suspect that Singaporeans just like the fact that they have many means to get around.

Whilst taking a boat or driving is pleasant enough, nothing, literally tops flying in a cable car. Although cable cars have been around for many decades, they never cease to thrill. It’s always amazing being the chance to see what the birds see as they sweep high above.

The Mount Faber Line passes you above a view of the lush vegetation of Singapore and puts you into Sentosa. From there, the Sentosa cable car will help you cover the resort island, offering you a great view of all the fun activities and great dining spots you and your family will enjoy.

Cable Car Dining

The Cable Car Network isn’t just practical; it’s been built with pleasure and occasion in mind. If you wish, and I do recommend it, you can have a four-course meal for two in the sky. A private cabin will tour you for 90 minutes during which you can enjoy a sumptuous meal, whilst surrounded by a view no rooftop restaurant can match.

The Cabin Dinner is available in two modes. The Standard Cabin, somewhat understates the luxuriousness of the meal and the special feeling of having your own intimate tour of Singapore. The Floral Cabin pulls out all the stops and decorates your cabin to give the night an even more magical feel.

The overall effect is intoxicating and you shouldn’t get so carried away you end up doing something foolish, like proposing, unless of course, that’s what you have in mind. In which case, a garlanded cabin in the sky isn’t a bad place to do so.



Since you’re already in Sentosa, you’ll be in a beautiful holiday playground just off Singapore. There are activities for everyone on Sentosa; families will be spoilt for choice. The dining options are just as abundant, so the only real problem will be where and what you want to eat.

If you’ve never heard of Sentosa, it may be worth considering looking it up when you plan your next holiday. Although not yet a household name in every part of the world, it is in numbers, a top destination for holiday makers. Certainly, it is a well-known destination for the locals and its popularity is growing.













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