The Golden Rules of Proposing in a Restaurant

Man proposing in an elegant restaurant

Extravagant, gimmicky proposals may have been going viral online, but nothing still beats the Brits’ old-fashioned way of popping the question in a lovely restaurant. There is a certain type of romantic magic with a couple having the most intimate conversation one moment, and then the entire restaurant erupting in collective soft applause for the newly engaged.

But although this is, in fact, a less public way of proposal compared to flash mob dances, that does not make it any less daunting. Most men who go this route tend to be more nervous and self-conscious, as their partner’s focus is totally on them. The key in shaking off the jitters is to plan well. Stick to these golden rules of a restaurant proposal.

Choose the right location

Where you would propose makes a whole lot of difference to the entire romantic gesture. For one, the restaurant will dictate the ambience and the mood of the scene when you finally get down on your knees. And it surely will help build the momentum if you have sweet jazz music and the smell of good food at the background, right?

Where you are seated also matters. Some prefer to be at the far back corner so they can have their private moment. Others want to get the seat that has the view. So, reserve a table and tell the restaurant staff as early as you can about your intentions of proposing. With this, you can get recommendations from them on where the most romantic spot is. Check out the romantic restaurant in Tunbridge Wells that many couples love.

Wait for the dessert to pop the question

Man surprising her girlfriend with a ringA lot of men get super nervous throughout dinner that they tend to spill the question even before the main course comes. It spoils the proposal because there is no build-up of the moment. Yes, you and your partner will not have the appetite to eat the food you ordered after you pop the question because your stomachs will just be filled with butterflies. When the initial euphoria wears off later, you would find yourself snacking in the middle of the night.

As much as you want to get the ring out soonest, wait until you get to the dessert. Savour the food first. Shake off the jitters by reassuring yourself that it is going to be okay and that you have prepared well for this.

Consider where to keep the ring

It is a custom to hide the ring in food or drinks, in pasta or a glass of wine. While it is the classic, creative custom, you should know that such is a choking hazard. If you do not want to end up at the emergency room at the end of the night, do not keep the ring in the food.

Ask the restaurant staff how they usually go about this. Some do a gimmick where the woman would have to choose among boxed pastries, which are ‘gifts’ from the chef. When your partner opens the box, she would see the ring. By that time, you would want to be on your knees already.

Although traditional and classic, popping the romantic question in a restaurant is still stressful. But if you follow these rules, you can easily pull this off.

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