Exploring Museums in the Historic City of Bath

Somerset baths

The city of Bath in Somerset draws tourists from all over the world all year round. This historic city offers luxurious holiday breaks for those who wish to relax and immerse themselves in the ancient glory of Roman times. The city itself is a UNESCO heritage site with magnificent buildings dating back to the Ancient Roman period.

Most of the city sites and the surrounding area can be explored on foot, so travellers who enjoy walking will have a grand time discovering what it has to offer. Have a taste of such luxury by staying at a boutique bed and breakfast in Bath. Here, you can bask in the restful and relaxing atmosphere that only this ancient city can provide.

If you are a history buff, Bath has several museums that can provide you with a deeper understanding of the city’s history, the people who have built it and those who have left a special mark in this place. Make sure to include the following in your itinerary.

The Building of Bath Collection

The first stop when touring Bath should be the Building of Bath Collection. This museum is dedicated to the construction of the city as well as the key personalities in its development. This museum will give visitors a glimpse of the famous buildings here and how these have evolved over the years.

The Number One Royal Crescent

This museum is the most famous place in the city of Bath. It is a museum dedicated to taking care of a masterfully restored and authentically furnished Gregorian townhouse. This place showcases a picture of the fashionable life residents in the 18th century enjoyed.

The Museum of Bath at Work

This museum will give you an insight into the city’s working heritage since the Ancient Roman times. It features a Victorian engineering setup, some reconstructed ironmonger shops and a factory of mineral water. The museum also has an exhibit of more than 2,000 years of people working and earning a living in Bath. Some interesting treasures are the display of local inventions, cabinet making and the famous Bath Stone.

The Roman Baths

Roman baths

This is not really a museum, but a visit here will give tourists a wonderful experience of Ancient Roman life during the occupation of Ancient Britain by the Roman Empire. The Roman Baths have a well-maintained design and architecture, giving visitors a clear shot of how the Romans spent their leisure time in the past.

The Jane Austen Centre

Last on the list is the Jane Austen Centre, which is also not an actual museum. This building provides tourists, especially those who love Jane Austen and her works, an insight into the life and inspiration of the famous resident. This site showcases the places that were her inspiration for the characters and stories in her books.

There is a wealth of things to see and do when you explore the historic city of Bath. Setting foot in the city will take you to another time when the Roman Empire was still in its glory.

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