Four Hong Kong Attractions for You

Hong Kong city skyline

Hong Kong is a city full of things to do. The number of attractions that are situated in this country will amaze you. Endless possibilities lie within its relatively small territory. From world-class theme parks to peaceful temples and night markets, Hong Kong is undoubtedly the place to be. As a tourist, you can do so much in this busy city. No matter what your taste for adventure is, this country will surely have your travelling soul yearning for more.

Hong Kong Disneyland

You can’t mention Hong Kong without mentioning Disneyland as well. This theme park is one for the traveller who wishes to quench their childhood thirst. With overflowing rides and numerous attractions, this is undoubtedly the place to be. From Marvel-themed spots to the Royal Princess Garden, this park has all kinds of things for people of all ages. You can even satisfy your galactic dreams with some Star Wars merchandise. In this lovely theme park, you can be sure that the possibilities are seemingly endless.

Ocean Park

This tourist attraction, which was opened in 1977, has the wonders of the vast blue oceans. With an area spanning more than 915,000 meters, this park is home to marine animals, aquatic shows, and many more. Ocean Park is also home to many attractions. One of these is the Shark Mystique, which allows you to meet different kinds of sharks in 360 degrees. Another one is the Aqua City, where you can view marine life from the world’s largest aquarium dome. There are also other attractions, such as the Rainforest, Thrill Mountain, and Polar Adventure.

Lantau Island

This particular island is quite the jack of all trades. It has the Big Buddha and Po Lin Monastery, with its signature giant bronze Buddha statue. It also has the dolphin watching tour, where you can mingle with the ‘pink’ dolphins in the water. You can continue your journey through the water with the Dragon Boat Water Parade and the Tai O Stilt Houses. The island is also home to the Pui O Beach, where you can relax at the comfort of the waterfront. Indeed, this humble island has it all.

Temple Street Night Market

night bazaar market

Hong Kong is also known for the nightlife it offers to its residents and tourists. If you are fond of night shopping, then the Temple Street Night Market is undoubtedly a must. This is a famous street bazaar which offers many things. From trinkets and teaware to electronics and antiques- you can surely find it all in this night attraction. You can also feast on the many local treats that sellers have on offer. This is one attraction that is not to be missed.

Truly, Hong Kong is a haven for the hungry tourist. From the adventure-filled theme parks to the festive and rowdy night markets, this city has it all in store for your wanderlust. See what is on offer, and find the spots that fit your inner desires. Take a trip to Hong Kong now, and see all its beauty for yourself.

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