An Adult Kinda Fun: Party Ideas for Celebrating Birthdays as an Adult

party with fireworks

Birthdays might be something you always looked forward to when you were a child, but now that you’re older, you’re probably not in the mood to party anymore. But, why not? Being an adult means you can do whatever you want and party however you want.

You can go as big as you can, with multiple cakes and even a month-long celebration (if you really want to take it that far). Celebrating birthdays when you’re an adult comes with a lot of stress, and we understand that.

It comes with a lot of expectations and compared with when you were a child, and your parents had to plan and pay for everything, an adult celebrant has to handle everything, and that can be overwhelming. Add to that the fear of getting older, if that’s something that bothers you.

However, it’s one out of the 365 days a year where you get to celebrate and have yourself be the center of attention, so why not make the most of it? Whether you want to celebrate in a restaurant in Tunbridge Wells or at home, there’s a list of fun, exciting, and unique ways you can make this special day even more special.

1. Serve your drinks and cocktails in fruits.

Turn your favorite tropical fruits into eye-catching cocktail glasses for that fun twist in your drinks. You can choose between watermelon rinds or pineapple skins for this trick to work.

Up your cocktail game by having a DIY cocktail bar at your party instead of the usual beer, wine, and liquor options. You’ll be surprised at how many of your guests will be posting photos of their drinks on their Instagram accounts.

2. Make your desserts mermaid or unicorn-themed.

Bright, happy colors mean fun celebrations, and yes, even full-grown adults will enjoy the visuals of a mermaid- or unicorn-themed food during birthday parties. Make your desserts as eye-catching as possible with some cotton candies or even fruit parfaits in multiple colors.

3. Plan your party music.

This is the best time to showcase your personal playlists and let everyone enjoy the same music you do. Start with a few mellow songs then gradually liven up the atmosphere with some fun beats as the party goes on. Be ready when your guests approach you and ask to share your playlists with them.

adult friends meeting over lunch

4. Bring out all the fun games.

Keep everyone busy while food is being prepared with some fun board games (Jenga is a no-miss choice!). Who doesn’t enjoy board games, anyway? Prepare a chess board, scrabble, monopoly, and UNO, among others, so your guests can bond at the same time while enjoying their drinks.

5. Keep the kids in mind.

If some of your guests have kids and you want them to stay longer, you can get an on-site babysitter if you have the budget for it. Tell everyone it’s okay to bring their children to the party, and don’t forget to set aside enough to tip the sitter generously.

These are just a few things to make your party extra fun, but don’t be afraid to explore other bolder choices. It’s your big day, after all.

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