Here’s What to Look for in an Event Space

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There are a host of options when looking for a great private event space in Singapore since it’s become a hub for innovation and culture in Asia. The question is, with all of the areas out there, which will work right for your particular affair? Whether you are launching a product, holding a corporate event, or hosting a celebration, there are some fundamental essentials you need to consider when picking the right place.

  • Accessibility

It is the first thing to consider when scouting your options. Is the location easy to find on digital maps and in real life? Is it easy to go to in terms of commuting and walkability? Does it have enough parking space for the guests at your event?

All of those core considerations can determine the success of your event, as surveys reveal that some of the most common gripes that event-goers have are long lines and sites that are not only hard to find but difficult to traverse. You don’t want people getting lost before you’ve even gotten to the main attraction.

On top of these guidelines, it’s also wise to consider accessibility in terms of those with special needs. According to German events experts, a common pitfall that events suffer from is they don’t know how to execute inclusivity properly. Think about how to incorporate these so that you don’t have to come up with last-minute solutions on the event day.

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  • Aesthetics

Looks are as important as any other, especially when you’re trying to capture a specific audience. Consider the ambience of the place because you want to find a space. It should either perfectly match the vibe you are trying to create or at least be flexible enough to blend with whatever design materials you are going to incorporate.

The layout of the space is also essential. It is not just so that you can map out a good path for attendees but also so that you can make practical decisions on how to maximize the use of the space and allow vendors and performers to have ample areas to operate. While you can always dress a place up, it’s wise to start with a site that has that feel from the get-go, even outside the space itself.

  • Capacity

Do a thorough scan of the layout of the space you’re eyeing, and make sure you have enough amenities and proper safety measures to meet the number of guests that you want to achieve. It’s also wise to consider if the event space has a minimum capacity in its regulations since that will affect the payout you have to give, regardless of whether you meet the turnout you were expecting.

All too often, it also becomes the cause of long lines, bumming people out because there aren’t enough bathrooms, food, and drinks and the area no longer has room for any more attendees. That is as bad as not having enough people in terms of maintaining positive sentiments from guests and sponsors alike.

Singapore has been awarded multiple times as the world’s top international meeting city, particularly because of its variety of options that provide dynamic elements and quality. Effectively executing your event lies in preparation and finding the right space that caters to your needs.

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