Jobs Market: Millennials Might Be Onto Something

For as much as we want to call out millennials for their love of the expensive and extravagant, let’s not forget that they’re also used to making things happen for themselves. They can be prone to job-hopping, but when companies are offering low-paying jobs with impossible demands, who can blame anyone for leaving? 

But forget traditional jobs; millennials know they can carve a niche for themselves, and they’re not afraid to take risks. 

Not Your Average Employee 


One of the admirable things about millennials is their ability to turn their passion into a profitable venture. Their brand might rely heavily on their lifestyle, but if they do it well, they’re growing both their business and their experiences. Just think of all the companies they’ve reviewed and raved about, from hotels with a view of the Space Needle to budget airlines allowing them to travel on a budget. Millennials don’t just go for the experience, especially if they are building a career as a social media influencer. Everything they do is for a reason, and they get to have fun in the process. Compare that to your nine-to-five job where you’re stuck behind a desk most of the day. 

Rolling with the Punches 

It’s easy to pry into their finances and pinpoint areas where they can cut back spending, but it’s also important to note that they are a hardworking generation and they need to pay for most things out of pocket. Because they choose a lifestyle that is not tied to office jobs, they don’t have the benefits that often come with those. They have to pay for health insurance on their own, and we can all agree that that is one hefty obligation. They also need to be wise when it comes to their savings, but paying for a new camera or laptop cannot easily be called an impulse purchase when they use it for their branding. The lines between personal and work expenses are not clearly drawn for millennials, and this is why they should not be judged harshly for seemingly extravagant purchases without first understanding their reasoning behind it. 

Staying True to Themselves 


Baby boomers had to choose one job and stick with it for the rest of their lives no matter how boring it is or how much they hate it. This is simply what their generation did. Millennials, who are taught the importance of self-care and who know they can open doors for themselves, work hard to be able to fund their passions. They can be prone to job-hopping, but that’s because education is more accessible online, and they can learn from various resources. They are interested in several things, so why should they pursue only one? They know that if an environment is not working for them, they can leave and start over. It took a long time to make people understand that no age is too old to switch careers. Millennials are merely putting it to good use.  

The hash judgment of millennials can come from all angles, but before you look at their shortcomings, it’s essential to look at why they are reacting to life this way. Their environment shapes them just as much as it shaped previous generations.

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