The Best Things About a Staycation and How to Make It More Fun


When you’re too stressed out from work and your body craves for a vacation badly, waste no time and file that long overdue vacation leave. If a limited budget is holding you back, you don’t need to worry because an excellent idea of a vacation exists and it’s called “staycation”.

Staycation simply means not having to leave home while still getting all the benefits of a vacation. It gives you the chance to explore beautiful places nearby, eat your comfort food, and just lie down and relax all day. It may seem not special enough if you haven’t tried it but think of it like an extended weekend: More time for rest, family, or hobbies.

Here are more reasons staycations are absolutely worth it:

No Travel and Preparation Required

Flying overseas or going on long road trips require an immense amount of preparation, which can also be stressful. And once you get to your destination, relaxation is almost impossible, because your itinerary is surely filled with activities that put your body to work. Although there could be trips where you’ll mostly relax, there’s the return trip to take care of, which may involve waking up too early or staying up all night because of ridiculous flight schedules. These inconveniences defeat the purpose of your vacation, which is to unwind and rest. No wonder many people go home from a vacation feeling more tired!

Money also tends to become a problem with vacations. Flight tickets aren’t cheap all the time, and apart from those, you need to budget for accommodation, transportation, food, and tourist attractions. Even if you can enjoy all of those on a budget, it doesn’t make you free from stressful preparations and the possibility of overspending.

Just as Exciting as a Vacation

Staycation also makes you see your hometown with a fresher perspective. When you get to explore scenic areas and fun places nearby, you’ll realize that not going faraway is also just as rewarding and that there are also plenty of things you can do without leaving your city or town.

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You’re Free to Add Your Own Twists to it

Let’s face it; going abroad or traveling to another state limits your chances of adding twists to your itinerary. That’s because you need to consider a number of things, such as time, regulations, your companions, and your budget. You don’t have unlimited time in a faraway place, because you’re usually bound to a schedule, especially if you’re joining a tour group. Your budget may also hinder you from enjoying other thrilling activities.

In a staycation, those limitations wouldn’t exist. Your schedule is at your full control, so you can do anything you want. If your home makes a full-day relaxation impossible, you can stay in a hotel, instead. Condos for rent in Fish Creek, Wisconsin¬†and other locations have magnificent rooms for those who need a quick getaway. Staying in a hotel¬†and other rental accommodations is a great idea because you’ll wake up in a different room with gorgeous views and a whole new environment.

In a hotel, you’ll be treated like royalty. Your sheets, towels, and toiletries are always fresh and new. You don’t even need to make the bed every morning because someone will do it for you. You can have room service meals, so dining out is only an option. You’ll also not need much money because hotel guests are usually entitled to enjoy the amenities for free. Talk about an authentic, relaxing experience!

So, the next time your body and mind long for a vacation, simply stay at home or in a hotel to get your much-needed rest. After being refreshed and rejuvenated from your amazing staycation, you’ll go back to work with more energy and passion.

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