Wedding Planning: Find The Right Catering Style For Your Special Day

A wedding day means a lot of decisions. It’s not surprising that it requires months of preparation. Even with that much preparation, some things can still go wrong during the wedding day.

Two of the most crucial decisions to be made for the wedding day is the choice of food that’s going to be served to the guests and how it will be served. In the past, the food options were limited to a buffet and a sit-down dinner. Now, there are so many more options to choose from.

To help you make the right decision for your wedding day, here are the top food ideas for weddings. You can discuss these ideas with the catering company you hired for your wedding to help you decide.

The Sit-Down Dinner

This is the classic option and the most popular choice in the past. This is a formal dinner where are the guests are served with three courses. Caterers will normally give the guests the option to choose the entree that they like or they serve them two types of proteins. If you prefer something more formal, then this is the best option for you to choose from.

Generally, a sit-down dinner is going to be more affordable because the caterers will know exactly how much food to serve. But you can negate this benefit by choosing to serve expensive food options. The main disadvantage of a sit-down dinner is that it requires a large number of servers.



This is another popular option. In a buffet-style dinner, the food offerings are served in long tables and it is up to the guest to choose which options they like and how much they want to get.

A buffet-style dinner requires fewer servers since individuals are asked to get their food. The main disadvantage is that it may take a while before everyone gets served.

Food Stations

This is a fun variation of the buffet-style. The food stations are spread out and you can use different categories. You can serve food from different cuisines for example and you can have chefs preparing dishes as ordered.

The food stations can remain open longer than a buffer so not everyone has to rush in at the same time. The main downside of using food stations is that it needs a bigger space. Also, you may need multiple chefs to handle different cuisines.


This is similar to a sit-down style dinner where guests are assigned a place and a table. Instead of servers giving each guest a serving, food is served per table and the guests are expected to help themselves, hence the name.

This means that guests can get as much food as they want. The downside is that you may have to increase your cost to account for the additional plates needed.

There are other wedding food ideas that you can try. These, however, are the ones that stand out, for now, and the ones you should consider. Contact a catering company in your area to help you plan and prepare all the food for your special day. They might also give you other ideas to come up with a menu that you and your guest will enjoy.

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