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Chapter 18 : More Air Travel Secrets

This chapter is a small collection of additional ways to get cheap tickets and other air travel secrets that didn't make it into the other chapters.

Tuesday Night Flight Specials

Many airlines post their special offers on Friday nights. This is a good time to check for flights, but not the best. The best time may be just after midnight on Tuesday. This is when the special offers usually expire, and the unsold seats pour into the computer system. For the next hour or so, you may find especially cheap flights, particularly if you use a bidding system like that of Check for the cheapest flight first, then bid cheaper. If you don't get your price, hurry back to get the cheapest posted price.

Senior Discount on Airline Tickets

You may be able to get a senior discount if you are 65 or older. Ask. If you are using an internet site to search for tickets, they may not include this information, so you may have to call the airline direct. Recently, has included a box to check if you are over 65.

Also be aware that flights originating in some locations have to give a discount to seniors. This is true if you are flying out of Ecuador, for example. But you still have to ask for the discount.

Will the Flight Be Canceled?

Information on airport delays and weather for many U.S. airports is available online at . You can even search for flight arrival information by airline and by flight number. This is a good site to find information on road conditions around the country as well.

Be Prepared For A Heart Attack On A Plane

You may be aware that taking aspirin at the start of a heart attack can sometimes save your life. However, some planes do not stock aspirin in their medical kits, and there may not be a doctor available until the plane lands. Carry some aspirin with you during flights, so you are prepared. Some doctors recommend that you carry baby aspirin (81-milligram tablets), and chew one up at the first sign of chest pain.

Dental Work and Flying

The change in atmospheric pressure from flying can cause severe pain if you have had any dental work done within the last twelve hours or so. Don't schedule a dentist appointment to close to a flight.

Last Minute Deals

You can save up to 70% with last-minute deals at sites like Offers range from beaches, romance or family getaways, or you can choose from a drop-down menu of destinations. Another one to try is

Alcohol And Flying

There is reason to believe that the pressure in the cabin causes alcohol to be absorbed more quickly, so take it slow. Drink some water as well, because the dry pressurized air causes you to lose bodily fluids more quickly.

Changing Seats On The Plane

If there are empty seats, and you don't like the one you're in, you can usually change without a problem. Do it before the plane takes off. For a smoother ride, try a seat over the wings. For a quieter ride, try a seat towards the front, but avoid the bathrooms and galley. For more legroom, look for a seat in the first row beside the emergency exits.

Also, you can go to the airlines desk about 15 minutes before flight time and ask about changing seats. This is when they typically release seats that were reserved for passengers who didn't show up. Ask them if they have released any no-show seats yet.

Save The 8% Federal Tax

Here's a cheap air travel secret I missed out on when I booked two flights to get overseas. The federal tax on airfare isn't due if you are taking a flight from one city in the U.S. to another in order to catch an overseas flight. Show your ticket to another country to the agent to have the tax removed.

There are only two emotions in a plane: boredom and terror. - Orson Welles

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Note: This chapter on cheap air travel and other air travel secrets was part of the e-book Travel Secrets. Now all chapters are free on this site. See the homepage (link at the bottom of page) for a list of all chapters and links to them.

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