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Chapter 15 : E-Mail: A Travel Necessity

Libraries in the United States all have internet access now. When traveling the country, we used to often stop in small towns to use this free service. We checked e-mail and even checked our bank accounts. It is even easier to just carry a small laptop now, since most hotels have free internet service.

In other countries, finding internet access is even easier. When computers are too expensive for most people, there's demand for cheap internet access. The result is that, in many places, there's an internet cafe on almost every corner. A dollar per hour is not uncommon.

Hotmail and Yahoo still offer free e-mail accounts. Sign up now, if you haven't already. Then, wherever you are in the world, your friends and family have a way to contact you and you have a way to contact them. For some reason, even though the internet largely operates by way of the same phone lines, it's more reliable than phone service in many countries.

Using Regular Mail When Traveling

To use the Post Office when you travel, pre-address and stamp your envelopes if you'll be writing family, friends, or whoever. Usually, it's easy to find a mail box, but a hassle to find stamps and envelopes.

When you need something sent to you while on a trip (in the U.S.) have it addressed to your name, then "general delivery," and the city and zip code where you'll be in a few days. The package should be waiting at the post office when you arrive.

E-Mail Important Documents To Yourself

E-mail a list of important information and numbers to yourself. Include the number to call if your credit card is stolen, and the number of the U.S. Embassy where you'll be. Think about what information you would need or want if you lost your luggage and wallet and everything else. This will give you an idea of what to send to yourself.

E-mail yourself a copy of your passport. Include other important documents. For example, you might even want to email yourself a photocopy of your drivers license. When you need these things, they'll be available in any internet cafe in the world.

Travelers never think that they are the foreigners. - Mason Cooley

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