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Chapter 28

The following is a collection of some great travel secrets that didn't make it into the other chapters.

Travel Safety Secret

Professional thieves tell us this open secret: they target expensive luggage for theft. If you want to reduce the odds of your things being stolen while traveling, don't have the prettiest most expensive bags around. The uglier the better from the perspective of reducing the odds of losing your luggage. Good bags don't have to look expensive to be just as functional, and you can find other ways to impress fellow travelers.

Motion Sickness Secret

There are two ways to overcome motion sickness that most people have not heard of. The first is to get outside - if you can. Many people find that being able to see the horizon and breath fresh air while on a boat eliminates their nausea.
The second thing you can do is take ginger root. It has been shown to be more effective than over-the-counter medications for motion sickness and nausea. There probably won't be enough ginger in drinks and other products that use it for flavoring, so you should carry some ginger capsules (buy them at a health food store), or make tea from a tablespoon of freshly sliced ginger root (sold at most grocery stores).

Hotel Concierge Secret

Just because the concierge has a hotel uniform on doesn't mean he works for the hotel. Many hotels outsource their concierge services. Some concierges are not even allowed to say that they don't work for the hotel. Does it matter?
These third-party concierges may be steering guests to affiliated car services, restaurants and even shows. They may be paid commissions for this. As a result, they are not necessarily looking out for the best interests of the guests, even though they will still happily take tips from them. Ask who their paycheck comes from, and if they hesitate, they are probably not working for the hotel.

Secret Of Safer Hotel Stays

Tip your housekeepers, and say hello. They probably deserve a tip anyhow, but it also prevents burglary. A dishonest housekeeper is less likely to steal from someone he or she has met. Also, if a criminal is in your room pretending to be you, which is a common pretext when robbing hotel guests, the housekeeper will know it isn't you since you have met.

Will The Flight Be Canceled?

Information on airport delays and weather for many U.S. airports is available online at . You can even search for flight arrival information by airline and by flight number. This is a good site to find information on road conditions around the country as well.

Carry Medical Information

It's a good idea to carry a one-page summary of your personal health information with you when traveling. It should have your blood type, allergies, medications being taken, preexisting medical conditions, and perhaps your eyeglass prescription as well.

Find Flight Information Online

You can see if a flight will arrive or leave on time, or even how late it will be, at
Security wait times can be found for any airport. Go to and look up the airport, day of week and departure time to get an estimate.

Save On Meals Out

Of course you will want to eat out when traveling, but for most of us it is not important to eat out for every meal. Sandwiches or cheese and crackers in the hotel room may be fine at times. But if you are going to skip the restaurants occasionally, be sure to skip the right meals. Dinner is often priced at twice what lunch selections cost - even when they are identical. Eat more lunches out and fewer dinners. You can have the same number of restaurant meals and save enough money to do something special besides.

Save By Buying Travel Packages

You may not think to search for special travel packages, especially if you don't need a rental car or accommodations at your destination. But believe it or not, sometimes a package may be cheaper than the plane ticket by itself. In other words, there may be a last minute deal on a flight plus hotel or a flight plus car rental that costs less than the normal ticket to that destination. You can check for these special package deals at websites like

Use Your Age To Save

Many hotels in the United States give a discount to older visitors, and the cut-off age is just 50. The discount is typically only 10% off, but you may get an even bigger discount than that if you are over 60 years old. Ask when you call to make reservations, or check for their rules online.

Southwest airlines is still offering a discount on airfare to seniors (as of early 2009). You have to be 65 for this one. Just ask about their Senior Fair program. many foreign airlines offer a 10% discount to those who are over 60. Ask.

If you are traveling to national parks in the United States and you are over 61 you can get the "Senior Pass," formerly known as the "Golden Age Passport." At the moment (2010) it is only $10, and it allows you to get into any of the parks, national monuments and other recreation areas owned by the federal government. It would be a bargain if it was good for a year (it's more than $10 for one car to enter many of the parks), but it is good for life. It is also good for up to three other people if they are in the same car as the pass holder.

Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one's lifetime. - Mark Twain

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